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Alciston Hall:

Located 30 mins outside of Brighton and 15 mins outside Lewes, Alciston Hall is a large space with a variety of recording environments available, perfect for bands, orchestral groups and choirs. The main hall is 11.3m x 11.8m wide with great acoustics, as well as a stage area with surrounding curtains to deaden some of the space if need be, perfect for tighter drum sounds or isolating instruments. There are kitchen facilities as well as a number of smaller rooms with interesting acoustics and opportunities to isolate individual instruments. See our homepage for an example of drums recorded in the main large room.

Rehearsal Spaces:

We have regular rehearsal spaces in Lewes that can be used at all hours for recording, with a variety of room sizes.

We can also use any rehearsal spaces you provide or show us as long as they are suitable for recording.

Anywhere (We Come to You):

As the recording set up is entirely portable, we can record almost anywhere you want us to, as long there is power and no risk of equipment damage.

We can record you outside, in your living room or any place you can imagine. If you have somewhere in mind, get in touch and we can discuss it.