2x Coles 4038

2x Royer r121


2x Josephson c42

1x Blue Mouse

1x AKG c414b-uls

2x Oktava MK012 (Cardioid Capsule)


1x Shure SM7b

1x Electro-voice RE20

1x Sennheiser MD441

1x AKG D112

2x Shure SM58

2x Shure SM57


4x Manley Force Tube Preamps

2x Hairball Lola Preamps

3x AML AM16 Preamps

1x AML 1073 Preamps

2 x RME Fireface 800 Converter (18 Simultaneous Inputs)

Complete Soundtoys Plugin range and various other plugins by Waves, Valhalla, Izotope

Backline: (please ask if you are interested in using any of these in your session)

Keyboards -

Mellotron M4000D

Drums and Cymbals -

1970s Premier Resonator Drum Kit (Kick + 3 Toms)

1960s Trixon 13’ Snare Drum (Made In Germany)

1970s Premier 2000 14’ Snare Drum

Paiste 2002 18’ Crash

Paiste 101 20’ Ride

Pearl 14’ Heavy High Hats

Guitars and Amps -

Various Handmade Custom Boutique Guitar Amps Made by Mark Stephenson

Mexican Fender Jazzmaster with Fender American ‘65 Pickups and Staytrem Bridge

1979 Fender Musicmaster

Eko 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Various Pedals Including Moog Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay, and others by Fulltone, Boss, Z-Vex and Marshall

Various other high quality cymbals (Zildjian, Sabien, Paiste) are available at low extra cost. Please ask if you are interested.