Somewhere studios
Somewhere studios
Portable Recording Studios based in Sussex, England

Portable Recording Studios

based in Sussex, England

An introduction:

'Somewhere Studios' is a portable recording service run by engineer/producer Hamish Benjamin. We can come to you or you can come to us, usually working from Alciston Hall, a light, spacious venue in the Sussex countryside, perfect for recording choirs, orchestral groups and rock bands alike. The large hall has a beautiful clear ambience and additional side areas that can be used to acoustically deaden or isolate certain instruments if needs be. We specialise in recording full bands playing together ‘live’, balancing the immediacy of a live performance with truly professional studio sound quality. We also regularly record overdubs at the hall, with artists coming to use the amazing space to record the drums or vocals for their own projects. We use carefully chosen, top quality microphones and preamps to ensure the highest professional sound quality: please see our tracks below for examples.

Before setting up his own recording business, Hamish assisted at various studios around Brighton, working on sessions with bands such as The Levellers and Squid.


Previous Work

Previous work engineered, mixed and mastered by Hamish Benjamin (Somewhere Studios):



Record with an amazing selection of equipment in halls, practice rooms or any space you want. Taking the best of vintage and modern recording to provide top quality recordings with personality and depth.

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High quality, low cost mixing giving you professional results in a quick time frame and any number of revisions until you’re satisfied.



High quality digital mastering at a low cost, either with work we’ve mixed with you or work mixed by others.


Work With Us

We would love to work with you. Please get in touch and we can discuss your project.